Following Unite’s recent consultative ballot and further talks with the OCA, Unite has made it clear to the employers that as a result of their attacks on our members it cannot be business as usual. Unite has formally registered a ‘failure to agree’ with the OCA. Their member companies have been left in no doubt that Unite, on behalf of our members, do not accept the contractual changes companies have imposed.

Further talks between the recognised unions and the OCA will take place before the end of May and your union and your representatives will approach these talks constructively. However as some members have already had changes imposed on them, Unite are taking steps to protect any legal right our members may have to challenge these changes should that be necessary.  Our legal team have composed a letter which you must submit directly to your employer and then notify your union of your submission. You can get a copy of this letter from any unite organiser or download and print here.

If you have had contractual changes imposed on you or you have accepted changes under duress Unite recommend that you notify your employer as soon as possible after the change has been imposed. This is to ensure that any legal right which you may have is protected.

At this time we are also preparing to be ready to take industrial action. Due to the restrictive anti-trade union legislation that has to be overcome before lawful industrial action can take place we must ensure that the significant legal restraints placed on your union are satisfied. Be in no doubt oil companies will use all legal means at their disposal to challenge any industrial action ballot. This will take time and we are asking you to be patient.

An industrial dispute must come to an end and this can only be achieved by a negotiated settlement. Unite continue to work toward this goal however Unite would like to reinforce that any agreement must be acceptable to you, our members.  It will be our members who have the final say in any proposal made by the companies.

Legal letter of Protest full pack


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