Odfjell members under attack

Unite has been in consultation with Odfjell over proposals to change terms and conditions. Despite Unites objection to those changes the employer has moved into formal consultation with all employees.

Unite will therefore move to a consultative ballot with all our members working in Odfjell to ascertain if you find these changes acceptable or not. Consultative ballot papers with more information will be sent out to all Odfjell members and Unite urges all members to take part in the consultative ballot to ensure your view is heard.


In the recent consultative ballot Unite members in COTA voted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action and our preparations continue to build towards a lawful industrial action ballot.

Unite is in the process of contacting all our members in COTA to ensure that we have the correct personal and work details. This is a vital part of ensuring we are ballot ready.

The decision taken by COTA to renege on the pay deal shows a complete disrespect for our members working in COTA and there can be no economic argument made at this time to justify a cut to COTA members negotiated terms.

The oil industry continues to remain in profit and recent evidence points to a resurgence in oil prices.

COTA have made a conscious decision to withdraw the second year pay element of the settlement and it is poor reward for the hard work and dedication shown by COTA members.

Unite is committed to protecting and improving terms and conditions including fair pay for all our offshore members.


Unite continues to consult our members in OCA on the issues affecting you. We are grateful for all the evidence being supplied to us via our phone banking exercise.

As previously reported we are continuing to build our information in preparation for a lawful Industrial action ballot.

Offshore meetings continue to take place and these provide valuable feedback for Unite as we move forward.


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