Dron and Dickson members ask to be balloted for lawful industrial action.

Members have moved towards lawful industrial action in their dispute with OCA member company Dron and Dickson. Following a recent and well attended union meeting, members demanded a consultative ballot as they seek to stop Dron and Dickson undercutting agreed OCA rates.

Dron and Dickson have claimed that OCA rates don’t apply to them. Unite strongly refutes this and due to the refusal of the company to sit and constructively negotiate with Unite, members are demanding a consultative ballot to demonstrate to their company that they won’t accept these attacks on their pay.

Unite has issued the following advice to members

  1. Wait until your new contract is issued.
  2. Request a 1 to 1 consultation with Dron and Dickson.  Exercise your right to Unite representation at this meeting.
  3. Sign your contract under ‘duress’ and submit Unite’s letter of protest to Dron and Dickson, copy to Unite. (ATTACHED BELOW)
  4. Vote in the consultative ballot taking place this week.

Unite Regional Officer Wullie Wallace said, ‘It’s time for Dron and Dickson to stop the threats, honour the OCA agreement and negotiate with Unite. This is gunboat industrial relations and it has no place in the Oil and Gas industry. Unite will use all industrial and legal means to protect our members Terms and Conditions. ‘

At this time members are invited to stand for election as shop stewards and play an active role in this campaign. For information about becoming a legally recognised shop steward contact Regional Office Wullie Wallace williamc.wallace@unitetheunion.org

Legal letter of Protest full pack


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