Know your rights

your rights 2

Your rights as Trade Union member                           

Unite has been receiving feed back from some rigs and installations that members  are  being told by some companies that trade unions are banned!

This is an unacceptable position for any individual or company to present as fact. We can only assume that this is a lack of knowledge rather than a deliberate ploy to undermine the legitimate rights of individuals.

Employment Law is clear on this issue :

You have the statutory right to:

join a trade union

Your employer isn’t allowed to:

offer you a benefit to leave a trade union

threaten to treat you unfairly if you don’t leave a trade union

refuse to employ you for trade union membership reasons

An employer or employment agency isn’t allowed to insist that you:

join or leave a trade union

Your employer isn’t allowed to dismiss you or choose you for redundancy because you:

are or want to be a trade union member

took part or wanted to take part in trade union activities

Unite has a proud record of defending those who suffer victimisation for being union members.

If you see any potential discrimination for being a member of a trade union or have experienced this yourself please get in touch with us via the website email and one of our organisers will arrange to contact you.


your rights 2


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