Update on OCA

Dear Member
Recently, further talks have taken place between your union and the OCA. These negotiations have resulted in the OCA submitting an improved offer to Unite. The full written offer was received from the employer yesterday. As a democratic and member led union we will be sending this offer to you and conducting a consultative postal ballot over the forthcoming weeks. I would like to emphasise the importance of casting your vote when you receive the full details of the offer and the ballot paper. It is really important that you give full consideration to the offer and vote in the ballot.
It has been a difficult and challenging time for Unite members offshore and the work you have done in sharing information with your colleagues is greatly appreciated. During this struggle many offshore workers have joined Unite, increasing our strength and increasing our ability to influence offshore employers. The importance of increasing our strength at this challenging time cannot be understated. We know that our strength is the best way to influence offshore employers.
It is important that you ensure your union has the correct personal and employment information. This ensures that your voice is heard when decisions are made. We are continuing with our consultation to update our membership records. This is an extensive exercise and I would like to thank all of you who have taken part. Thousands of our members have been spoken to and your priorities will shape our agenda.
Unite remains committed to protecting jobs, protecting terms and conditions, ensuring a safe working environment and a sustainable future for you in the Oil and Gas industry. You will receive the full written offer and your ballot paper in the next few days. The ballot will continue over a number of weeks to ensure all members, regardless of shift pattern have the opportunity to participate.


Willie Wallace


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