As we move towards a consultative ballot on the proposals made by OCA it is vital that we have the correct and up to date personal details for every Unite member working offshore.  If you have already submitted the information to us or spoken to a Unite organiser then your details will have been updated.

If you have not been receiving correspondence from Unite recently then it is vital that you update your details so you can participate in the upcoming ballot.

Please email  with contact details and a Unite organiser will contact you to ensure we have the correct information.

The offer and consultative ballot paper will be posted to every Unite member working under the OCA agreement for you, the member, to decide on the OCA proposals.

If you are a Unite member and have not received your ballot paper by the end of the week please contact Unite Office Aberdeen on the details below to ensure you receive one.


Unite are currently in final preparations for a ballot for strike action over pay for COTA workers. The COTA companies have pulled out of the second year of a two year negotiated pay deal.

If you have not spoken to Unite or sent in your details please contact Unite on the number below to ensure we have the correct details for you


The consultative ballot on the imposed changes to Terms & Conditions closed on Monday 29th June and the result of the ballot will be communicated over the coming days once it has been counted and verified.

Unite Regional Officer Tommy Campbell will be meeting UKDCA on Thursday 2nd July and any outcome from this meeting will also be communicated to members.


The current economic situation offshore has seen an increased number of  Offshore workers facing redundancy or company liquidation. Sometimes the worker only hears about redundancy when it is imminent. This set of circumstances can impact on Unite members, their families and their communities. For this reason Unite campaigns to use all means possible to safeguard jobs and assist and support Unite members who are facing the threat or reality of redundancy, below is some key facts about redundancy however in the first instance you should call your Unite Regional Office. They will be able to send you the Unite Guide to Redundancy and also ensure that your full time officer is made aware of the situation and is able to assist you.

Key Facts

There is a requirement on the employer to consult with a recognised trade union in the event of redundancies

  • As a minimum there is a statutory redundancy payments scheme providing you have 2 years continuous service • Employees can receive up to £30,000 tax free as a redundancy payment
  • Employees are entitled to their statutory notice or contractual notice which ever is the greater.

The statutory requirement is as follows; – one week if you’ve been continuously employed for between one month and two years; – one week for each complete year of service (up to a maximum of 12) if you’ve been continuously employed for two years or more

  • You will not pay income tax on a redundancy payment under £30,000, however other payments such as unpaid wages or bonus payments will be taxed, for further advice consult your full time official
  • If you are made an offer of alternative work by your employer you should consult your full time official to discuss any issues relating to suitability
  • An employee who has been employed for two years is entitled to reasonable time off during the notice period to look for other work or access training opportunities
  • A redundancy dismissal due to pregnancy, maternity or a related reason is automatically unfair, please consult your full time official if this happens to you.

Keep up to date with the campaign at:

Facebook –

Webpage –

Twitter – @offshoreunite

Unite the union, 42-44 King Street, Aberdeen AB24 2TJ Tel: 01224 645 271

COTA – John Boland / Vic Fraser

OCA – Wullie Wallace

UKDCA – Tommy Campbell


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