As the ballot regarding the new OCA offer gets underway, Unite want to remind workers that they must return their ballot paper by the 29th of July in order to make sure their voice is heard. We need as high a turnout as possible on this consultation to get a true picture of whether you find the employers offer acceptable or not. This ballot, and your vote will determine whether the employer’s offer is accepted or rejected and further action considered. If you do not yet have a ballot paper, then please contact the Unite Aberdeen Office as soon as possible on 01224 645271


COTA have now formally informed the union that they are not prepared to reinstate the second part of your two year pay deal nor are they prepared to re-enter negotiations. Given this disappointing news which many of our members will understandably see as a slap in the face for some of the hardest working and clearly underappreciated offshore workers we will shortly be serving formal notice on each of the COTA employers of an industrial action ballot.


Unite met with UKDCA representatives on the 2nd of July to hear their response to your Union’s Pay and Conditions claim. The UKDCA’s formal written response is based on the downturn in the drilling industry over the past six months, now reflected in the significant number of redundancies. A copy of their response plus a Unite ballot paper has been sent out to all Union members cover by the UKDCA collective agreement. The UKDCA drilling employer’s response is disappointing as we know the Oil and Gas industry continues to be very profitable in the UK. The next meeting with the UKDCA is on the afternoon of Friday 31st July. However, in the meantime we now need to consult you to ascertain your view on the response from your employer. A consultative ballot has been sent to all members covered by the UKDCA, for return by noon on Friday 31st July 2015. If you have not received a copy of the UKDCA  response and a Unite  consultative ballot paper, then please immediately contact the Aberdeen Office on 01224 645271.

Keep up to date with the campaign at:

facebook – facebook.com/uniteoffshore2015

Website – uniteoffshore2015.org

Twitter –  @offshoreunite


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