Calling all non-members! Join Unite today!

Its time to join Unite if you work offshore

Unite is the largest trade union representing offshore workers. Unite represents offshore workers covered by the OCA, COTA and UKDCA.

Unite are highly experienced in campaigning and fighting for the interests of workers in the industry.

Our structures are democratic and we are proud to be a member-led union.

Join for protection offshore

Our shop stewards and representatives have expert knowledge on the key issues that affect offshore workers. By joining Unite you join the thousands of other workers who are protected by the union and who can get advice when needed.

Join for improvements offshore

Unite is the biggest recognised trade union amongst the industry. Joining Unite means you have a stronger voice in what is happening offshore. Workers must stand together to have a say in what is being proposed by the Oil companies and to be able to respond to any changes. If you join Unite today, we will be able to continue to improve our collective influence in securing better terms and conditions for workers.

Join to fight together offshore

The oil industry companies deliberately play worker against worker on a message of fear.

Fear over jobs, fear over oil prices, fear over pay and fear over conditions.

It does not have to be that way. Unite continues to grow each week as more members join. You can make a difference and secure improvements across the industry but only if you become part of the solution.

Join Unite today, make your voice heard, along with thousands of others, and become part of the fight back that is needed to change the industry and secure a better future off shore.

Stronger together, stronger offshore, stronger in Unite

Join online at or speak to one of the Unite organisers on the heliports.


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