WE DESERVE BETTER- Latest Update from Unite Offshore – August

OCA LATEST: Ballot Result

Unite members under the Offshore Contractors Association (OCA) agreement have rejected proposals over changes to shift rotas and terms and conditions following our consultative ballot. 63.5% of members balloted voted against OCA’s offer on a range of terms and conditions.

Unite officer Willie Wallace said:

“We said previously that our members would have the final say and they are clear that the OCA offer isn’t good enough. North Sea employers must do more to address the deep concerns our members have over these shift pattern changes – from loss of earnings and livelihoods to the impact on workplace health and safety and quality of life. We are not blind to the challenges facing the industry, indeed we are acutely aware it because the human cost of the downturn is clear in the deep cuts to our members’ incomes and livelihoods. However, the lesson the industry has to take from this process is that it must consult and engage with our members in a far more meaningful manner and that any changes impacting lives and livelihoods should not be imposed.”

Unite will be consulting our members on the way forward in  the coming days, so please continue to follow us on social media and our website as detailed over the page.


Unite the Union is continuing to prepare for an industrial action ballot. COTA have failed to uphold the second year of a two year negotiated pay deal. As part of the process for an industrial action ballot, paperwork is currently with the Unite Legal department.

While this is ongoing, it is crucial that all members ensure that their records – name, address, employer, job title and platform- are up-to-date with the union. Please speak to a Unite organiser at the heliports, or email your information to offshoreunite@gmail.com to update your information.

This is very important to ensure that you get a vote in the upcoming ballot. Make sure that you keep up to date with the latest campaign news by following us on Facebook, and checking out our dedicated offshore website- details at the bottom of the page.


The consultative ballot on the current UKDCA employers position in relation to  our pay and conditions claim closed on Friday 31st of July. A Majority of Unite members voted to reject the UKDCA’s pay freeze. The ballot return clearly demonstrated that Union members are far from happy with the current situation they face in the offshore drilling sector.

UKDCA representatives have been made aware of our members’ views and following the talks between UNITE and the UKDCA on 31st July, it has been agreed to adjourn for both sides to reflect on the current situation.

Unite representatives will meet with the UKDCA again in a few months to review where the industry is at and whether the UKDCA may be in a position to review their response to our pay and conditions claim. A letter from the Regional Officer Tommy Campbell will be sent to Unite UKDCA members this week.


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