Urgent Update for OCA members


Unite members covered by the OCA agreement overwhelmingly rejected the proposals by the OCA.

Unite have approached the OCA confirming that Unite members have taken the democratic decision to reject the proposals. Unite confirmed our campaigning position that our members decision would be final.

This newsletter is to advise you an informal meeting with the Chief Executive and Chair of the OCA has now taken place and the OCA have met with their Board to consider their response.

The OCA have now advised Unite that they are unable to offer further improvements to the offer confirmed in their letter of 19 June 2015.

In particular they confirmed that they were not prepared to make alterations to their offer in regard to “equal time” (three on, three off rotas).

The OCA have reiterated they value the Agreement and the stability it has enabled over the past 16 years and that they are available for further dialogue.

However, given the indication they are not prepared to change their views, our commitment to our membership is clear. We will now begin the preparations for a lawful industrial action ballot for Unite members working within the OCA.

This process will be closely scrutinised and our preparations will be critical in protecting you and ensuring the ballot cannot be legally postponed.

We can fully expect the companies to use every legal means possible to try and stop our ballot. Unite organisers will be undertaking a major exercise to ensure that your voice is heard and not suppressed via legal battles.

Next steps

Many Unite members will have been contacted by a Unite Organiser and updated their personal details.

The critical information we require to protect your ballot is :

Company        :

Job title          :

Rig                   :

If this has changed or you have not supplied this information previously then please speak to an Organiser at the Heliports or email us at offshoreunite@gmail.com

We will publish more details on the different ways you can update this information.

The success of this ballot will rely on our ability to communicate effectively. Up to date home addresses, email addresses and phone numbers will ensure this.

Will you become active in Unite?

Unite thanks those members who have already indicated that they are willing to support their Union in getting information out to their colleagues and new members continue to join as a result of the work you have done.

We need as many Unite members as possible to assist us in building up the ballot and recruiting more members.

More information will be published on how you can support Unite in the coming weeks.

We will of course be in touch with you again as soon as arrangements have been made to commence the balloting process.

Please continue to visit our on line media below for urgent updates

Stronger together, stronger offshore, stronger in unite



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