Together We Can Win


Recently, trade union members working for Aramark were victorious in their dispute over unpaid holiday pay. These workers and GMB members work as hostesses and domestics at the Maudsley Hospital in Camberwell. They were facing a loss of annual leave through management’s failure to allow staff to book their holidays appropriately. The union members returned a 97% vote in favour of industrial action in a consultative ballot followed by a formal industrial action ballot. Upon receiving notice of an official ballot Aramark were quick to address the members concerns and agreed to reimburse the leave that had been lost.

And it’s not just the involvement of Aramark that draws parallels with our own dispute- we’ve also had a high mandate from the consultative ballot, followed by a formal industrial action ballot

In the above example, the employer was forced back to the negotiating table by the threat of strike action. That’s the most important lesson we can learn from the story of these union members. In delivering a strong mandate for action, it was enough to send a clear message to the employer that these actions were simply unacceptable. This is why we’re asking our members to vote Yes to strike action on the ballot paper, as well as action short of a strike.

For offshore workers in Aramark- as well as Sodexo, ESS, Entier and Trinity- it’s important that, in order to win, that we send a clear message to the COTA companies. Ripping up the second year of a two year pay deal is not acceptable.

The dispute outlined above tells us that if we get organised, hold our nerve and stick to our guns, that we can win. These companies are huge multi-nationals- so for them to rob the lowest paid workers offshore of their negotiated pay deal is completely unacceptable. If you are prepared to stand up and stand together with your offshore colleagues, then the employers’ actions are not inevitable.

Vote Yes/Yes on your ballot paper.

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