COTA Wage Offer

wage offer

FAO: All UNITE and RMT Offshore Caterers (COTA Grades A to E)

COTA Wage Offer 2015-16 (Grades A to E) UPDATE

Further to a meeting between COTA and the Unions 2/11/15 to address COTA’s withdrawal of the second part (2015/16) of your two year deal in its entirety and just as importantly to discuss our members genuine concerns about any further reductions to existing COTA terms and conditions we write with details of these discussions.

Although COTA have refused to increase basic rates they have now offered to reinstate the following allowances from the second year (2015/16) deal and for these to be back dated to 1st September 2015:

1. Increase the offshore delay from £40 to £75 (0.32%)

2. Introduce a minimum payment for those who undertake training for Emergency duties out with their normal working hours of 3 hours at overtime rate. (0.12%)

3. Amend Clause 27 of the agreement so that the Shetland payment will now be made in the event of delays on route to the point of departure no matter where they occur (0.05%) Total (0.5%)

In response to the second point of concern relating to members existing terms and conditions which both unions will always fight to not only to protect but to improve, COTA have provided written assurance to the Unions that “All terms and conditions of employment for staff under COTA will remain in place until the end of the current COTA year 31/8/16)

For the reasons above and with the support of the Joint Union Shop Stewards Negotiating Committee who are recommending acceptance of this offer both Unions will now hold a consultative phone ballot.

COTA have insisted that this offer is conditional on any industrial action being suspended during a ballot of members so both Unions will apply for an extension of the period in which we can take industrial action.

If this offer is rejected both Unions will immediately serve notice to take industrial action and both unions expect every member to participate in that industrial action irrespective of how or even if they voted.

The consultative phone ballot will be run from Monday 30th November to Friday 4th December 2015 with lines open all day between 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 9.00am to 12.00 midday on Friday.

To register your vote phone one of the following mobile numbers:




Please encourage all union members on your unit to cast their vote.


John Boland, Regional Industrial Organiser, Unite the Union                                       Jake Molloy, Regional Organiser, RMT

We’re encouraging all of our members to ask a non-Union colleague to join the union. We’ve been able to force the employers back to the table to get an improved officer. This shows the power of a union. The more members we have the stronger our voice will be in future.

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