What does 3 and 3 mean to me? Unite’s Offshore Workers Survey

The working party which has been established between trade unions, industry representatives and ACAS met on 12/11 to assess the full impact of the imposition of 3:3 on our members. This working party is committed to looking at the 3:3 rotation prior to a formal independent review which will be carried out in summer 2016. The conclusions of the working party will be subject to consultation by the trade unions with the workforce to close by 5th January 2016.

The working party is collating information regarding the shift rota changes and this process will continue over the next 7 to ten days. Unite  are opening a short survey to all members to gauge the impact of 3:3 working patterns on pay, H&S, holidays and work- life balance.

All Unite OCA members who are currently working on a 3:3 rota will receive an email with a link to the survey. It’s crucial that as many Unite members as possible take part in this process for the Unite representatives on the working party to have a truly accurate reflection of the opinions of unite members.

Please participate in the Unite survey on 3:3 so we can put forward evidence about the 3-on working pattern and try to find alternative solutions to the current situation. If Unite does not have your current email address please get in touch with us at offshoreunite@gmail.com

Choose at least one of the following surveys to make your voice heard.


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pay 3x3

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work life balance

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