Unite /GMB /OCA & ACAS Working Party Update 25 Nov 2015

New Revised Proposals from talks with the OCA companies brokered by ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), an independent organisation.

Constructive talks facilitated by ACAS involving Unite, GMB and the OCA companies have now concluded.

A detailed briefing and consultative ballot of this new offer brokered by the independent industrial relations body , ACAS , will be sent to all our OCA unite members in early December.

As always the decision on these proposals is for you, the members to decide.

We will keep you updated on progress throughout this period.

Please ensure that you have your membership details up to date with Unite to be industrial action ballot ready please e-mail the following details to offshoreunite@gmail.com

Membership  number :

Full Name :


Job Title:


E mail address :


Mobile contact number :


Contract of employment :

  • Ad-Hoc
  • Full time  permanent 
  • Full time  Field worker 
  • Self employed /Limited company
  • Agency 
Name of  Rig/Installation:
If  more than one ____________________________________




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