COTA Consultative Ballot – 30th Nov to 4th Dec 2015

Vote YES to secure better terms and conditions

The joint Unite/RMT negotiating committee is recommending that Unite members vote YES in the upcoming consultative ballot. This recommendation is endorsed by COTA Unite shop stewards who discussed the issue at recent COTA branch meetings.

The decision taken by the COTA companies to withdraw the second year pay award and additional allowances was rightly condemned by Unite COTA members. Your anger over this decision was shown in the Industrial Action ballot result.

As a result of your willingness to stand up together and the fact you are prepared to take action has forced the COTA companies to come back with a revised offer. The offer although not having a percentage pay increase on salary this year does however mean significant increases in uplifts and more importantly protects and enhances terms and conditions. The vast amount of feedback received from COTA Unite members focused on your concerns over terms and conditions not just for today but for the future. This offer protects and enhances these terms and conditions until the end of the current two year cycle. The estimated monetary value to individuals is based at 0.5% but that value may increase depending on the circumstances of individuals and how they are affected :

  • Increase the offshore delay from £40 to £75

This will benefit all Unite COTA members as you will now be compensated more fairly with other parts of the industry. This is an important and welcome addition during seasonal conditions.

  • Introduce a minimum payment for those who undertake training for emergency duties out of their normal working hours of 3 hours at overtime rate.

We have heard of workers being asked to do training outside of working hours and at musters. We know our COTA members take their emergency duties seriously and this enhancement should ensure you are properly rewarded for undertaking these roles and the training needed to keep offshore workers safe.

  • Amend clause 27 of the agreement so that Shetland payment will now be made in the events of delays on route to the point of departure no matter where they occur.

This is a welcome addition to your terms and condition. Clause 27 meant that the Shetland payment only applied to the overnight delays on the way home when in Shetland. The proposed change will mean the payment is implemented on overnight delays while in transit to your point of return anywhere your flight may be diverted to i.e. Kirkwall or Norway.

All payments that you would have been entitled to with these changes will be backdated to the 1st September if members vote to accept the offer.

The decision to accept or reject this offer as always within Unite is now in the hands of our members. However you may decide to vote it is important that you do take the time to use your vote and encourage your colleagues to do the same. If this offer is rejected we will immediately begin preparing for strike action. Whatever the outcome of the ballot we would expect all Unite members to stand by that democratic decision so it is important you have your say and cast your vote.

The telephone consultative ballot will commence on Monday 30th November at 9:00am and close on Friday 4th December at 12:00 noon.

The phone lines will be open from 09:00am till 5:00pm on Monday to Thursday and 09:00am till 12:00 noon on Friday.

To register your vote call one of the following numbers :

07949 890 164

07949 890 175

07949 890 290

Campaigning works and action get results

No one should underestimate what Unite COTA members have achieved during this period. Under fierce anti-union attacks from companies making millions in profits and repeated scare stories of putting the future of the North Sea under threat, you have stood up as Unite members and won a significant victory. The campaign you have assisted with and the action you have been willing to take is what has secured your existing terms and condition and won improvements. Never has it been so important to be part of Unite offshore.

Together, we will face future battles with offshore employers. Their use of significantly increasing numbers and exploitation of ad-hoc workers must be challenged as does the cavalier approach to redundancy and avoiding redundancy measures.

We will also be starting preparations for the talks on future pay. We are now in a much stronger position because of your backing and willingness to take action.

For these reasons we are asking you to vote YES in the consultative ballot. If you accept these proposals we go into the next round of talks stronger and united.

Vote YES in the Consultative ballot and encourage your colleagues to do the same


John Boland

Regional Officer

Download and print versions.

Cota FINAL recommendation

COTA Poster for Offer



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