OCA Working Party Update – Unite consultative ballot Mon 07 Dec 2015 – Noon Fri 08 Jan 2016


The New Revised Proposals from talks with the OCA companies brokered by ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), an independent organisation.

Constructive talks facilitated by ACAS involving Unite, GMB and the OCA companies have now concluded.

A detailed briefing and consultative ballot of this new offer brokered by the independent industrial relations body, ACAS, is being posted to all our OCA unite members this week.

The new offer is being recommended by Unite offshore workplace reps and  Unite regional officers

As always the decision on these proposals is for you, the members to decide.

The consultative ballot will be conducted electronically and this will ensure that our members working offshore during the ballot period will have the opportunity to have their say.

The consultative ballot:

Open: Monday 07 December 2015 – Closes: Noon Friday 08 January 2016

You will receive pack at your home address and this will include information on how to access the secure electronic ballot.

All information relating the ballot will be included in your information packs.

If you do not receive a pack by the Mon 14 December, then please contact the Aberdeen, Unite office on 01224 645 271.

Please make other Unite members on your installation/workplace aware of this information.

vote yes


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