Offshore trade unions launch new co-ordinating group in response to North Sea crisis

Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) press release on the new off shore co-ordinating group (OCG)

A PDF is attached which outlines the role of the OGC.

Speaking at the launch in Aberdeen of the Offshore Co-ordinating Group (OCG), Grahame Smith, STUC General Secretary said:

“The collapse in the oil price since summer 2014 has had profound consequences for the oil and gas workforce. There have been thousands of job losses, unprecedented attacks on terms and conditions and growing fears over the safety regime.

“Recognising the scale of the challenges, the offshore unions (UNITE, RMT, GMB, BALPA and Nautilus), supported by the STUC, have come together to form the Offshore Co-ordinating Group which is launched today. Through co-ordinating campaigns and policy development, the OCG will support the fightback on jobs, safety and terms and conditions and ensure that trade unions make a positive contribution to achieving the UK and Scottish Governments’ objective of maximising economic recovery.

“The OCG strongly believes there is a future worth fighting for and, in the State of the Industry report published today, a number of areas for priority action are highlighted. These include the necessity of building and maintaining excellent health and safety standards and processes, adhering to collective agreements and developing a coherent plan for maximising economic recovery.

“It is essential that Government, employers, regulators and agencies listen to the united voice of the offshore workforce”

OCG State of Industry Report Feb 2016

Unite will keep all our members updated on the work of this group as it takes your issues forward.


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