COTA Wage Negotiations 2016/17 – Joint Shop Stewards Meetings

COTA Wage Negotiations 2016/17 – Joint Shop Stewards Meetings

Please be advised that prior to the 2016/17wage negotiations commencing there will be three joint shop stewards meetings. The purpose of these meetings will be to discuss the aspirations of our members and what they see as the priority in the forthcoming negotiations. To assist with this process please ensure your local Shop Steward is aware of your priorities and that this is conveyed on your behalf.

Every catering shop steward should make an effort to be at one of the following meetings so that the views of the membership can be aired. Travel expenses for attending these meetings should be reclaimed from your employer.  If any catering shop steward cannot attend at least one of these meetings they should contact their respective union directly at the earliest opportunity with points they wish raised on their members behalf.

Joint shop stewards meetings will take place at the UNITE the Union office 42-44 King Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5TJ commencing 10:00hrs sharp on Friday 22nd April Friday 6th May and Friday 13th May. We will keep our joint membership fully informed of any update in due course.


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