Messages of support and solidarity for the Wood Group Unite & RMT members employed by Wood Group on Shell assests in the UKCS taking strike action


Defence Operations

Shop Stewards Committee Bristol.

Convenor: S. Jones. Secretary: J. J. Smart.

Deputy Convenor: S. Painter. Chair: S. Cornock.

Dear Comrades,

This committee whole heartedly support you and your fellow workers

in your fight against the attack on your members and the continued attempts to

undermine Terms & conditions that our members & Trades Unions, have fought

for & that members have earned and deserve.

We call for an immediate cessation by Woodgroup of these despicable

continued attacks on members pay, Terms & Conditions.

Please do not hesitate to contact this committee for support financial or other.

United we will never be defeated.

Yours in solidarity,

John. J. Smart,

Confederated Site Committee,

Defence Operations Shop Stewards Committee,

Rolls- Royce,



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