Messages of support.


I would like to extend best wishes and support from myself and my branch to all taking industrial action, there is nothing more just than workers pulling together for the greater good, to stop the rot and prevent your employers from using a manufactured oil price as an excuse to cut your T&C’s. I am in no doubt it will send a clear message to your bosses that you are a highly skilled workforce and as such you deserve respect. Please be assured we are telling your story all over the country and Unite the Union will support you in any way we can.

Best Regards

Graeme Ewart

Unite Scottish Executive

Deputy Convener GE Caledonian


Dear Comrades,

I’m writing to express my absolute support and solidarity with your strike action against cuts to pay and allowances.
In the finance and legal sector we have faced similar attacks with more than 35,000 job losses in the last few years alone. The only way we can stop these multinationals attack on our class is if we unite and withdraw our labour.
Our young members in Aberdeen were only to happy to support your action by joining the picket outside the HQs of Woodgroup and Shell.
On behalf of Unite’s 144,000 young members I wish you all the best with the strike and any other future actions.
Please let us know if there is anything that the young members can do to support.
In Solidarity,

Bryan Simpson
Legal Services, Thompsons Solicitors
National Executive Council – Unite the Union

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