More messages of support.

We the shop steward’s at Honda in Swindon  send you our full support and solidarity in your battle.
Andy Foster
Unite Shop Steward


Good luck with your industrial action, I was an offshore worker for 16 years  I have been paid off in January  thrown on the scrap heap by ruthless offshore contractor’s / oil companies, penny pinching attack against the offshore workers.
Oil companies & contractors have had the best of forty odd good years ripping off the country & enjoying high oil prices, they get a small blip of lower oil prices, so they attack the workers terms and condition’s big time, its time the offshore workforce to take a stand.
The Norwegian sector have it right, a very strong union membership. That’s the only way forward. Good luck to the wood group workers, go for it, but you need the backing off all offshore workers, time all offshore workers got a back bone to support you with a 100% industrial action to fight for the terms and conditions you all deserve.
In Solidarity
Merv Macpherson (Ex offshore worker,) unite member
To all
 Unite members employed by Woodgroup on Shell oil platforms in the Brent Field on the North Sea, I’m writing to show my support for your ballot backed strike action, It is a shame it has had to come to this following the breakdown in talks at ACAS were Woodgroup showed little willingness to resolve the dispute, but after their third attempt to propose cuts you were left with no other recourse. 
My understanding is the turnout was 86.6%. This is a resounding endorsement and support of the proposed action, suggested by your Union to oppose, attempts to cut pay and allowances by 30%.
We in the steel industry have faced incredibly trying times recently with many of the problems still ongoing, but i urge you to continue to work with Unite, keep the faith, and to oppose these suggested cuts, as i believe without the work of Unite the union, and the guidance they demonstrated there would be no steel industry left in the UK.
In solidarity

David Sayers Unite The Union

Scunthorpe Steelworks Branch NE 205/3


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