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-Unite the Union


Dear colleagues,

We would like to express to you our full support about the struggle which is given by our colleagues in the Wood Group on Shell Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms in the Brent Field on the North Sea.

We support and we are in solidarity with the strike actions of the members of Unite and RMT.

The workers of the “offshore oil and gas“ sector are working under very difficult and harsh conditions and must be rewarded with fair pay and provided with safe working conditions.

We condemn the wage reductions of 30% and the change in the working cycle of workers imposed by the Administration of the Wood Group.

We stand in solidarity alongside our fellow strikers in offshore oil and gas and we wish every possible success in their struggles and their demands.

The President                                  The General Secretary


Theodoros Dimitriadis                    Markos Kontizas


Messages of support.

Fully support your efforts against greedy oil companies
William Dyla
Good luck lads and lasses
David Jenkins

Good luck lads, miss you all on the Alpha. Stick together hopefully they will see sense. And if Alfie does any negotiating I’ll send wood group management a get well soon card.


Jim Booth
West Chirag crane focal point
Caspian Sea

48 hour strike called by Unite the Union members employed by Wood Group on Shell assets




Unite the Union intends to call upon:

All our members  on the Shell ISC  Contract, working on Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Nelson, Gannet and Shearwater, employed by Wood Group , to take part in discontinuous strike action consisting of a 48 hour stoppage commencing at 0630 hours on 4th August 2016 and

All our members on Shell ISC Contract, working on the Curlew ,employed by Wood Group , to take part in discontinuous strike action consisting of a 48 hour stoppage commencing at 0700 hours on  4th August 2016

Unite the union is coordinating strike action with the RMT union  in this dispute.

Send messages of support and solidarity  to  Unite the Union and the RMT Union members employed by Wood Group on Shell asset  to  offshoreunite@gmail.com and oilc.rmt.secretary@gmail.com


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Wood Group employees on Shell platforms stopped work for three hours on Thursday.


Wood Group employees on Shell platforms stopped work for three hours on Thursday.


Brent Charlie 2


Strike: Unite and RMT union members down tools. Unite/RMT

North Sea oil workers have downed tools for a second time in a series of offshore strikes.

Wood Group employees on seven Shell platforms stopped work for three hours on Thursday.

It follows a 24-hour strike on Tuesday, the first of its kind seen in the North Sea for 28 years.

Members of both the Unite and RMT unions are expected to carry out further three-hour stoppages on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in a dispute over pay.

They are also concerned about the impact of a recent switch to a three-week working cycle.



It’s time to give offshore workers the support they deserve

It’s time to give offshore workers the support they deserve

Lewis Macdonald

Written by – 27/07/2016 7:22 am

Oil and gas industry leaders think in numbers: how many millions will it cost to drill a well, how many billions can be made or lost if the price goes up or down.

Offshore workers think in numbers too: how many hours to the shift, how many weeks on and off, how many jobs at risk if the oil price stays lower for longer.

The oil price today is less than half what it was two years ago. In that time, thousands of oil and gas workers have been laid off, and tens of thousands of jobs have been lost across the wider economy.

For the first time since the era of Piper Alpha, offshore oil workers are taking strike action this week to protect their terms and conditions. They have good reason to feel insecure in the current climate.

Lewis Macdonald MSP

Standing up for Aberdeen and the North East


Workers should not pay the price – Macdonald


North East oil workers should not pay the whole price of the of the downturn in the oil and gas industry, North East Scotland Labour MSP Lewis Macdonald said today, as trade union members working for Wood Group on seven Shell platforms  in the Central and Northern North Sea began industrial action.

Lewis Macdonald, who represents many thousands of oil industry workers in the North East, said today:

“The North Sea oil and gas sector is facing a difficult time, and the industry needs to find more efficient ways of working to secure future production and jobs. That must not mean offshore workers paying the price for the downturn, when they are the very people the industry will need when the price recovers.

“Members of Unite and RMT who work for Wood Group on Shell contracts have voted overwhelmingly in support of strike action, but they have not take this decision lightly. Rather than simply cut terms and conditions, employers and operators need to work with their employees on identifying efficiencies, as others in the sector have done.

“This industrial action highlights the importance of involving trade unions in discussions with operators, employers and government at every level. This is the only way long-term solutions are going to be found which are supported by all those involved in the oil and gas industry.”


For more information contact Lewis Macdonald on 07770 646792 or 01224 646333






More messages of support.

We the shop steward’s at Honda in Swindon  send you our full support and solidarity in your battle.
Andy Foster
Unite Shop Steward


Good luck with your industrial action, I was an offshore worker for 16 years  I have been paid off in January  thrown on the scrap heap by ruthless offshore contractor’s / oil companies, penny pinching attack against the offshore workers.
Oil companies & contractors have had the best of forty odd good years ripping off the country & enjoying high oil prices, they get a small blip of lower oil prices, so they attack the workers terms and condition’s big time, its time the offshore workforce to take a stand.
The Norwegian sector have it right, a very strong union membership. That’s the only way forward. Good luck to the wood group workers, go for it, but you need the backing off all offshore workers, time all offshore workers got a back bone to support you with a 100% industrial action to fight for the terms and conditions you all deserve.
In Solidarity
Merv Macpherson (Ex offshore worker,) unite member
To all
 Unite members employed by Woodgroup on Shell oil platforms in the Brent Field on the North Sea, I’m writing to show my support for your ballot backed strike action, It is a shame it has had to come to this following the breakdown in talks at ACAS were Woodgroup showed little willingness to resolve the dispute, but after their third attempt to propose cuts you were left with no other recourse. 
My understanding is the turnout was 86.6%. This is a resounding endorsement and support of the proposed action, suggested by your Union to oppose, attempts to cut pay and allowances by 30%.
We in the steel industry have faced incredibly trying times recently with many of the problems still ongoing, but i urge you to continue to work with Unite, keep the faith, and to oppose these suggested cuts, as i believe without the work of Unite the union, and the guidance they demonstrated there would be no steel industry left in the UK.
In solidarity

David Sayers Unite The Union

Scunthorpe Steelworks Branch NE 205/3