Messages of support continue to roll in from around the globe.


It takes some guts and commitment to fight for what you believe in.

Everyone in the North Sea will be looking at you for encouragement during these damp days.

You have my good wishes.

I hope Woodgroup and other companies wake up and realise that they can’t keep taking from the ground force to support their huge bonuses.

Steve Carter


We have learned that Wood Group is proposing to make severe pay and allowance cuts for its hardworking, highly skilled workforce.  We strongly support the proposed industrial action by those workers in the face of such outrageous proposals.
SHAME.  Wood Group should immediately begin good faith negotiation and recognition of the value of its employees.
Michael C. Ford
Richard B. Marks
Watsonville, California, USA
Keep solid blokes, United we can’t be defeated. Companies don’t like it when you know the rules and use them accordingly..
Darren Mackie

Messages of support continue for those employed by Woodgroup who are taking strike action.

Support to all standing Members of Unite and RMT taking part in this action well done we need more like you


Roy Bruce
Unite OCA Branch Secretary and all Members


Unite West of Scotland Education branch send a message of solidarity to comrades in offshore for their day of action.

Cindy Callaghan


Solidarity to all RMT and Unite off-shore members being forced to take strike action to stop the cuts within their industry and to defend their pay and conditions. No worker ever takes this decision lightly and you all have the full support of the FBU. Stay strong and united.

Denise Christie



Messages of support continues

Solidarity and best wishes in your action from Paisley and district trades union council. We hope you are successful in your dispute
Colin Mack
Paisley and district trades union council
Strike is the only way forward to save our jobs and stop these greedy company’s doing what they like enough is enough well done lads and full support
Cheers good luck
Darron Wilson
Well done for standing together and fighting your corner if we had all done the same at the beginning maybe this dispute would be resolved by now Respect
Alan Meldrum