Manchester NUJ

Just wanted to wish you well in your dispute with Shell and offer the solidarity from the NUJ regional office in Manchester.

It’s great to hear of workers standing up against the greed of big powerful corporations and we support your action.

Our members in the UK’s biggest regional publisher, Trinity Mirror, took limited strike action last week at Liverpool, Newcastle and North Wales to trigger their ballots and consider further action in the coming months. They are protesting at redundancies, workload and reducing quality.

Good luck in your struggle.

In solidarity


Chris Morley

Northern & Midlands Organiser

National Union of Journalists


Dear Comrades,
On behalf of Unite GPM members we send our 100% solidarity in your valiant fight for fairness and the squalid attempts by your employer to attack your pay and conditions .
Our members know from experience what you are going through after the disgraceful way they have been treated by their former employer and owners..
We wish you all the best for a speedy conclusion for our Unite & RMT comrades.
Stand firm, stay strong.
Yours fraternally
Ged Dempsey, FoC / Secretary
comrades, on behalf of west mids gpm/it (unite) I send you greetings and solidarity in your struggle against your reactionary money grabbing employer, we know you will be victorious, keep up the struggle. atb,
George Hickman


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