Offshore workers attitude survey October 2016

Offshore workers attitude survey October  2016
It is widely recognised that the offshore oil and gas industry is going through the biggest crisis for decades and that workers in the industry are bearing the brunt of the downturn. Unite has consistently asked for an Oil Summit to be convened to hammer out an action plan for the sector, and only this week, repeated that call in the media.
Unite has a long history in campaigning to protect jobs, terms and conditions in the North Sea, and as the largest trade union representing oil and gas sector workers, we are keen to hear how this downturn is affecting workers across the sector.
Unite believes that the industry has a strong future, but radical proposals must be considered to solve the crisis as well as a strategic approach by both the UK and Scottish Governments.
We have produced this survey to find out what issues and concerns workers across the industry face.
Unite will continue to campaign to protect our members interests and to lobby both Governments to take action to halt the decline.
If you work in offshore please take a few minutes of your time to feed in your comments. The survey is completely confidential and your anonymity is guaranteed.
You can access the survey using this link:


 Unite Scotland  : Political, Research and Campaigns unit
Unite the Union Scotland
John Smith House
145-165 West Regent Street
G2 4RZ
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Unite is the largest trade union in for offshore workers in the North Sea UKCS

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