Industri Energi says EASA H225 ruling is “incomprehensible”


Europcopter has said the first Super Puma EC225s could return to full service by the end of June.

Written by – 10/10/2016 2:11 pm

A Norwegian union has criticised a ruling by the EASA (European Aviation Safety Authority) onlifting a suspension on H225s.

The move comes after the use of the helicopters were halted after a North Sea helicopter crash which killed 13 people.

There were 11 passengers and 2 crew on board the flight from Statoil’s Gullfaks B platform when the incident happened on April 29th this year.

Industri Energy union secretary Henry Solvorn Fjeldsbo said it was “strongly critical” of the ruling and urged for the helicopters to remain grounded.

He said the decision was “incomprehensible” and “insult” to the relatives of those who had lost people in the accident.

Both Norwegian and UK Civil Aviation Authorities have said they have no plans to resume flights following the EASA decision.

Fjeldsbo said no decision should have been taken when the final cause of the accident was still unknown.

He said it weakened the unions confidence in EASA.




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