Unite the Union Consultative ballot 2016/17 pay claim for employees covered under the Offshore Contractors(OCA) agreement





Hi  if you are a Unite member and an employee of the following companies  working offshore in the UKCS


Unite and the GMB unions have been in pay talks with the Offshore Contractors Association(OCA)  the pay claim on behalf of Union members was as follows

Joint  GMB/UNITE Pay & Conditions Claim – 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017

  The pay and conditions claim on behalf of Unite & GMB members: –

1.     Substantial Wage Increase

2.     Improved Sick Pay

3.     Introduce Paid Travel Time to employers onshore base

Unite & GMB Unions Statement


Paul Atkison Chief Exec OCA

We refer to  ongoing talks to consider our reasonable three-point claim and for the employers side to respond to the GMB & UNITE OCA pay and conditions claim for 2016/17.

The OCA employers side counter proposals are an unacceptable  response to our reasonable  three-point claim.

In these circumstances, we now confirm in writing that both GMB and UNITE are declaring a failure to agree and we will both report back to all Union members and  consult with  them on their response to this  unacceptable situation.

Tommy Campbell

Unite Regional Officer

On behalf of GMB and UNITE

Unite and GMB  members  have been consulted  on the  outcome of the pay  negotiations and have  advised   their respective unions  that they overwhelmingly  reject the proposals

The OCA agreement covers employees in the following companies offshore

Full Members

Associate Members
Of the 68 companies currently in the OCA, 56 are Associates. Please click on an Associate to find out more.

  • Wood Group Industrial Services

    OCA Board of Directors

    Below are details of the OCA’s Executives and Directors.

    Paul Atkinson, chief executive of the OCA,

    • Mr Alan Johnstone | AMEC Foster Wheeler plc
    • Mr Andrew Ferguson | Petrofac Facilities Management
    • Mr Craig Wiggins | Aker Offshore Partner Ltd
    • Mr Erik-Jan Bijvank | Stork Technical Services Ltd
    • Mr John Macdonald | Muehlhan Surface Protection Ltd
    • Mr Michael Hockey | ECIA
    • Mr Mick Herke | BEIS
    • Mr Paul Birch | Wood Group PSN
    • Mr Simon Hicks | Cape plc

Source OCA website


If you are an employee  of  a company  who are part of the OCA  agreement and work offshore and  a fully paid up Unite the Union member  you will be able to take part in the online consultative  ballot  , all members who have a current e – mail address have been sent the following e -mail and  relevant paperwork attached.

Dear Member(Your Name),

OCA Pay and Conditions claim 2016/17 The outcome of the recent GMB/UNITE consultative ballot of the OCA employers offer was an overwhelming rejection to their proposed changes in your terms and conditions of employment.

UNITE and GMB Union Officials and Workplaces Reps have met again with the OCA employers and reiterated the serious concerns union members have about the negative impact of job losses, the move to 3/3 rotations and their opposition to any cuts in their pay.

The OCA employers have now formally responded to our representations. We attach the OCA letter for your consideration.

The OCA employers have now decided to withdraw their counter proposals but on the basis that the Unions set aside this year’s pay and conditions claim. This would in effect mean the status quo would prevail for this year’s pay and conditions claim.

We are now consulting you on this matter and would be grateful if you completed the online consultative ballot ASAP and return it no later than Thursday 15th December 2016.

Click here to vote in the ballot. [LINK}
You’ll need your unique ID:XXXXXXX

Please note that at the further talks with the OCA today we have agreed to meet early in the New Year to discuss matters of job security and the concerns you have about the H&S issues surrounding the 3/3 rotations.

We are also contacting ACAS about the review of the 3/3 rotas.

Yours sincerely,

Tommy Campbell                                                                    John Boland

Regional Officer                                                                     Regional Officer

PS. Please don’t reply to this email.


If you have any queries about the ballot or if you have not received notification to vote  please check your e – mails , in box and  filters , Please   do not hesitate to contact  the Unite Aberdeen office:

on  AberdeenStaff@unitetheunion.org or call 01224 645  271

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join unite 2

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