BALPA backs S-92 recall but urges “quick and efficient” checks on North Sea helicopters


Written by – 10/01/2017 1:42 pm

The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) has called for S-92 helicopters to be put back in use “as quickly as possible” after they were recalled for inspection.

A mandatory bulletin called for checks to be made on the helicopter model following an incident on a North Sea platform last month.

At the time a source described how the S-92 took “gouges out” of the helideck, damaged its wheels and spun on the deck of the West Franklin platform when it was forced to land.

A mandatory bulletin was issued which means all checks must be carried out before the helicopters can resume their next flights.

BALPA General Secretary, Brian Strutton, said:

“We believe the decision to ground the S92 model for checks is sensible and we support it. Clearly the most important thing is ensuring passengers and crew are safe.

“But, we do want to see these checks carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible so that North Sea and Search and Rescue operations can return to normal.”

There are currently around 30 S-92s in use in the North Sea.

It is understood there are a number of helicopters as part of a “resilience” back-up fleet which could be used to carry flights to and from platforms.

A meeting is expected to be held later today by the Offshore Helicopter Safety Leadership Group (OHSLG) to discuss the matter further.


`Healthy & Safety offshore is No Accident`, Unite and Offshore trade unions fight to ensure the highest safety standards are adhered to for all who work and fly in offshore helicopters.

The professionalism of the aircrew and support staff has to be commended on how they deal with health & safety issues and helicopters flight incidents. Offshore trade unions will continue to demand the highest training and safety standards for all who fly and work in the offshore helicopter fleet.


If you fly in the helicopters or work offshore `  Health & Safety is No Accident`

Get Protected! Get Active! Get Organised!

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