Update on OCA Pay dispute


Attention of GMB/UNITE members covered by the OCA Agreement



Please note that the OCA pay negotiations have continued over the past few days

and are now concluded.

We have now received a formal  pay increase offer from the OCA.

The full details of the OCA offer will now be communicated by post and electronically to all union members

and a consultative ballot on the pay increase offer will take place over the next month to close at noon on 20th March 2017.

Tommy Campbell , Unite                                   Dave Hulse, GMB

OCA Trade Union side Secretary         Chair of OCA Trade Union side

If you are employed by one of the OCA signatory companies offshore and not yet member  its now time to join  Unite the Union and have your say.

Please ensure when you Join , your membership details and full employment details are  forwarded to Unite the Union Aberdeen office   aberdeenstaff@unitetheunion.org.

Membership number

Job title


Place of work    Rig/installation

Get Protected! Get Active! Get Organised!

join unite 2

Unite is the largest trade union  for offshore workers in the North Sea UKCS

Have a voice, take action and make change happen. Join the union




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