Feb 25, 2017: Unite Scottish secretary Pat Rafferty highlighting the need for public investment to safeguard the future of Scotland’s oil & gas industry.





Pat Rafferty why we need public investment in Scotland’s offshore oil & gas sector. RT


Unite the Union the largest trade union in the North Sea and in the Oil & Gas offshore sector is calling for investment and public  investment in the North sea  UKCS

If you are a member of Unite you can get active with Unite, contact your MP or MSP Get active with Unite.

1.Contact your MP or MSP  Raise your concerns ref public investment into the North sea sector

2 Encourage work colleagues to Join Unite

3. Campaign around  investment in secure skills and jobs  in the UKCS, Contact to your local elected parliamentarians  and  join with other  Offshore  workers and Unite reps and regional officers to  organise delegations to the UK and Scottish Parliaments

Members debate at Scottish Parliament Thursday 24 Feb http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-39028334

If you are not yet a member Join online today

Get Protected! Get Active! Get Organised!

join unite 2

Unite is the largest trade union  for offshore workers in the North Sea UKCS

Have a voice, take action and make change happen. Join the union








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