Civil Aviation Authority UK (CAA) Latest 225 update


Latest 225 Update

Dear All

Since our 225 Update Summit on 28th February 2017 in Aberdeen CAA has continued to work closely with CAA NO, EASA and Airbus.

The AIBN plan to issue a preliminary report on their investigation on the 28 April 2017 as part of their Norwegian legal obligation to report within one year of an accident. The report is comprehensive (101 pages) and provides significant detail. No new information for the CAA has emerged from the report and there are no safety recommendations. You should recognise most of the technical content / issues from our last meeting and earlier conversations. It is possible that the ‘final’ report published next week will have changed as a result of comments so we will review the document again following publication. The report highlights the difficulty in accurately carrying out the oil cooler inspection, but the work that Airbus has done and are currently doing to introduce a new Full Flow Particle Monitor (FFPM), better known as the Eaton ODM system looks very encouraging and should be approved and available in the next few months. It is our understanding that this will offset the need for the AD oil filter and cooler checks.

CAA UK, CAA NO and Airbus met on 20th April 2017 as part of an update and information exchange. A further meeting is planned at Airbus on the 4th May 2017 and this will include EASA.

CAA UK and CAA NO continue to work closely on agreeing the next steps required to be sufficiently satisfied in order to remove our Operational Safety Directives. Developments on the lifing and the detection capability look promising and we are hopeful that after obtaining further information we will be closer to removing our directives. At this time however the directives remain in place.

Kind regards


Mark Swan

Group Director

Safety & Airspace Regulation

Civil Aviation Authority

Tel: +44 1293 57 3083

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