North Sea Strikes Over Pay Now ‘Inevitable’

North Sea Strikes Over Pay Now ‘Inevitable’

Thursday 4TH
posted by Morning Star in Britain

NORTH Sea oil workers will be balloted for strike action in the coming weeks in a long-running dispute over pay with “ruthless” oil companies, trade unions announced yesterday.

The Offshore Co-ordinating Group (OCG), which represents Unite, RMT and GMB members working for nine different offshore contractors operating in the North Sea, warned that industrial action is “inevitable.”


OCG spokesman Steve Doran said bosses’ “hostile approach to workers stands in stark contrast to the shamelessly generous treatment of their respective senior executives and shareholders.”

According to oil contractor Wood Group figures, its chief executive Robin Watson’s basic salary rose from £468,000 to £600,000 in 2016.

Chief financial officer David Kemp’s basic salary went up from £222,000 to £390,000 in the same period.

Mr Doran said that unions had always understood the pressure on companies resulting from low oil prices, but the oil giants were seeking to “ruthlessly deny” many loyal workers any form of improvement after two bruising years of pay cuts and detrimental changes to their work rotas.


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