COTA: Consultative Ballot Now Open


Consultative E-Ballot opens on COTA Pay Offer

As you will be aware Union members from both Unite and RMT, working under the COTA agreement, rejected the recent COTA pay offer. The offer would have introduced a minimum overtime payment for carrying out secondary emergency training while off shift, however it did not increase any of the pay rates or other terms and conditions.

The unions wrote to COTA asking them if they were prepared to improve their last offer and COTA have formally notified us that they are not prepared to improve the current offer which our membership have already rejected. COTA stated that they felt it was “reasonable and reflected the current industry climate”. An industrial climate, it should be stressed, that saw the Offshore Contractors Association (OCA) offer their members a 2% pay rise on OCA basic rates, an offer which our brothers and sister working under that agreement have already rejected.

Should our membership wish to be balloted for formal industrial action and the return from that ballot give union members the legal mandate to strike, it’s likely that we will be looking at sustained periods of strike action over the coming months and possibly throughout the summer.

The Consultative Ballot is being run via Email. Voting is open from 8th May 2017 to 2nd June 2017 inclusive.

If you have NOT received an e-ballot from contact the Aberdeen Office

Or call the Aberdeen Office on 01224 645 271

Are Your Membership Details Up To Date?

We still require an update from some Union members as to their personal details. In particular this includes updates on the following:

  • Employer (which may have changed through TUPE or redundancy).
  • Up to date info on your job title and,
  • Your current work location.

In order to achieve this we are continuing to write or e mail separately to those who we still need these details from.

If you have received a letter or e mail requesting this information then please respond as these details are a legal requirement for a strike ballot.


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