News Flash from the OCG: Airbus Helicopters Survey

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“Outreach to oil and gas workers”

The UK offshore Trade Unions (Unite, GMB RMT, Balpa and Nautilus), which form the “Offshore Coordinating Group” (OCG) and our colleagues from Industri Energi in Norway, are all surprised that Airbus has opted to run this survey. All of the Trade Unions representing offshore workers are very well aware of the workforce and passengers views about helicopter safety through our regular meetings and surveys conducted on this issue. The Trade Unions have had significant feedback about the specific aircraft featured in this survey, the H225, or the ‘Super Puma’ as most offshore workers refer to it.

We are also disappointed that Airbus felt the need to run a question which asks about the importance of certain factors, and specifically the “opinion” of the Trade Unions. As Trade Unions we only ever express the “opinion” of our members and in this case those members are offshore oil and gas workers. Airbus appear to imply by inclusion of questions structured in this way that the Trade Union “opinion” does not reflect the views of those we represent. Had we been consulted by Airbus about the structure of the questions we would have opposed this approach and a number of other questions which have been included.

Nevertheless, the survey is now live and open to workers across the North Sea so we will be actively encouraging our respective members to participate and to register their views on this critically important issue. In doing so, we would sincerely hope that Airbus openly and transparently shares the feedback received. Indeed, we would suggest that an independent body be appointed to collate and produce the findings for all stakeholders and especially for the group the survey is targeted at – offshore oil and gas workers.

OCG: Unite, GMB, RMT, Nautilus, Balpa

Industri Energi






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