Beware of SCAM: Offshore People Ltd Exploit Recession Hit Oil Workers

SCAM: Offshore People Ltd Exploit Recession Hit Oil Workers

Published in Oil Industry News on Monday, 24 July 2017

Graphic for News Item: SCAM: Offshore People Ltd Exploit Recession Hit Oil Workers

Oil and Gas People ran an article last week raising suspicions about the actions of a company called Offshore People Ltd and asked for anyone who had dealings with the organisation to come forward.

After several of our readers contacted us with details of how they were duped out of money, we can confirm that Offshore People Ltd are running what is referred to as an ‘advanced fee fraud’ and is targeting entry-level oil workers to do so.

The organisation used several well known job sites to lure in their victims, advertising entry-level positions such as Roughnecks, Roustabouts and Floorhands to people without any previous oil and gas experience.

At present the low oil price has cost a third of the oil and gas industry their jobs and entry level positions are usually filled with hundreds of applicants from experienced workers. Oil and Gas People have contacted both Indeed and Reed who have now removed the organisations listings from their websites while they perform an investigation.


Offshore People Ltd is directed by a Nicholas Rothe and their registered address is listed as 40 Bloomsbury Way, Lower Ground Floor, London WC1A 2SE, according to Companies House.

Several complainers have informed Oil and Gas People that they had been convinced by the organisation to pay £495 for an offshore medical, with one complainer explaining how he was told his current medical was insufficient and he still needed to pay as this was an ‘advanced’ medical. However upon receiving his certificate, it became clear that the medical was the exact same as the one he had previously completed.

The complainer stated: “Not wanting to rock the boat about this, I let the matter go.  Days went passed and I heard nothing.  Weeks went passed and still nothing. At time of writing this email to you I have not heard another word from Nick and it has now been months.”

Other complainers were asked to pay over £1,800.00 for their Medical, BOSIET and Mist certificates, which are currently available through most providers for a cost of around £825.00.

The organisation uses a promise of work to lure people in, asking for information such as coverall sizes and shoe sizes to make you believe that work commencement is dependant on certificate completion, however once you have paid and completed the courses, a variety of stall tactics are used to keep you thinking you will mobilise shortly, before communication goes dark.

Oil and Gas People confronted Nicholas Rothe who made no effort to deny the scam, refused to comment and wished us a ‘good day’.

Oil and Gas People have filed a report with Action Fraud who have asked all complainers to contact them directly. If you have been a victim of Offshore People Ltd, please contact Action Fraud as follows:

Phone: 0300 123 2040
Online Report: Click here
Live Chat: Click here

If you have any further information about the organisation or would like to make us aware of your story, please feel free to contact our news desk in confidence at:


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