North Sea employers have made a revised pay offer to disgruntled workers.

North Sea employers have made a revised pay offer to disgruntled workers.

The Offshore Contractors Association (OCA), whose members include Petrofac, Wood Group PSN and Stork, has been in lengthy negotiations with unions over a pay dispute.

The OCA came up with an offer to increase pay by 2%, but it was rejected by workers.

Recent meetings were called after a series ballots failed to provide a legal mandate for strike action.

The unions said a majority of workers had backed a walkout, but legal requirements for staging a strike were not satisfied.

At least 50% of eligible members must vote in favour of industrial action for a strike to go ahead.

The OCA has now put a new offer on the table which includes the “% increase as well as a £450 lump sum for certain employees.



Officials representing the GMB, Unite and RMT unions have recommended that their members accept the revised offer.

Tommy Campbell on behalf of the Trade Unions GMB, UNITE and RMT saidcika314wkaapyvf:

“All the Trade Unions have worked hard to deliver the best deal for our Union members.

“We are therefore recommending that they vote Yes to this new OCA offer.

reccomendvote yes


“We continue to approach our negotiations in the best interests of offshore workers in the Oil and Gas industry.

“The trade unions are committed to doing all we can to support maximum economic recovery so as to protect jobs and create future employment opportunities for those who lost their jobs in the past few years.”

Paul Atkinson, OCA chief executive added: “Constructive and positive negotiations with the unions have resulted in the joint development of this new offer, which we believe to be in the best interests of everyone involved.”

A consultative ballot is now underway with the unions offshore membership on the new OCA offer.

Officials from union and the OCA, which represents nine companies, including Amec Foster Wheeler, Petrofac and Wood Group PSN, have met numerous times to try to resolve the situation.

Unions have argued for better terms workers, including a wage increase, along with improved sick pay and paid travel time.

Unite are currently  balloting their members on the offer



As you are aware, the Offshore Contractors’ Association (OCA), its member companies and the trade unions, have been in continuous dialogue with a focus on reaching a resolution on the current Trade Dispute.

A revised offer has been jointly developed through positive and constructive discussions, and we are pleased to let you know that the unions have made a strong recommendation to their members to accept the revised offer.

What does the new offer look like? 

Lump sum payment  

An all-inclusive lump sum payment of £450 per person, will be paid to those employed in Offshore Contractor Partnership Agreement (OCPA) positions during the period 7th January 2017 to 31st March 2017. The lump sum will be calculated on the basis of £37.50 per week employed.


A 2% increase will be applied to the base rate across all Offshore Contractor Partnership Agreement (OCPA) positions with effect from 1st April 2017.  Elements linked to the base rate, including sick pay, will also increase by 2%.

Both parties recognised that in certain circumstances where employees receive packages above the OCA there may already be equivalent enhancements.

What happens next? 

The trade unions have advised that they will carry out a consultative ballot of their members on the revised offer, with a recommendation it is accepted. We would encourage all Union members to vote during the ballot so your voice can be heard.

What are the future plans for the Offshore Contractors Partnership Agreement (OCPA)? 

The OCA, its member companies, and the trade unions remain committed to working together to review and reset the existing OCPA, with a joint focus on protecting the long-term interests of the industry, and employment opportunities within it.


For more information contact your Union rep or contact the  Aberdeen Unite office  on 01224 645 271   or e mail

offer is also on the unite offshore  webpage





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