All MSPs asked to support Unite`s Back Home Safe Campaign 2017- No return of the Super Puma 225s –

Unite has  written to All the Scottish Parliament MSPs  asking  for their support,  (see email below )have your say lobby your MSP /MP  about the Super Puma 225s  and helicopter safety let them know how you feel

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Dear MSP


I am, contacting you on behalf of Unite the Union and the thousands of members we represent who work offshore in the  Oil & Gas sector, some of them will live in your constituency, I am asking for your support on their behalf for Unite the Union Back Home Safe campaign 2017.

You can support the campaign by doing the following :

1 .  Supporting  the following motion to Parliament

2 .  Signing the petition on the non-return of super puma 225s in the UKCS

Workforce Concerns Regarding Helicopter Safety in the North Sea Motion Number: S5M-07724 Lodged By: Lewis Macdonald Date Lodged: 15/09/2017 To be considered for Members’ Business
Title: ♦ Workforce Concerns Regarding Helicopter Safety in the North Sea

Motion Text:
That the Parliament understands that the Civil Aviation Authority has lifted the ban on the use of Superpuma H225LP and AS332L2 helicopters in the UK despite continuing concerns over the safety of these helicopters among offshore workers; further understands that Airbus, the manufacturer of Superpuma helicopters, has carried out a survey of North Sea workers and aircrew in order to establish their attitudes towards helicopter safety; notes the finding that 62% of respondents would be unlikely to fly in a Superpuma helicopter, given a choice; further notes that 44% of respondents were unaware of work done to improve safety since the Superpuma crash in April 2016, including increased monitoring and inspection measures and more regular replacement of gearbox components; recognises that Unite the Union has launched a petition opposing the reintroduction of the Superpuma helicopters, signed by thousands of offshore workers in the North East Scotland parliamentary region and across the country, who remain concerned about their safety and reputation, and notes calls for flights in these Superpuma helicopters to not resume.

Supported by: Iain Gray, Mark Griffin, Tavish Scott, Colin Beattie, Maree Todd, Fulton MacGregor, Elaine Smith, Rhoda Grant, Neil Findlay, Graeme Dey, Daniel Johnson, Mairi Gougeon

Current Status: Achieved Cross Party Support

2 .  Signing the petition on the non-return of super puma 225s in the UKCS

Unite Back Home Safe Petition 2017 has over 2500 signatories and growing

Do Not reintroduce the Airbus H225s and AS332s and L2s helicopter in commercial operations in the UKCS

As a direct result of Unite the union members working in the offshore Oil & Gas sector raising their serious concerns in relation to the reintroduction of the Airbus Superpuma H225LP and AS332 L2 helicopters Unite  is running the   ‘Back Home Safe 2017 `campaign with a petition  to demonstrate that  offshore workers and families and the general public have  no – confidence in these helicopters.

Our petition calls for all stakeholders to back the non-reintroduction and the permanent cessation of commercial operations in the UKCS.Unite is now actively asking oil companies and contractors their position on the 225s return

Please sign our online petition (attached) hard copy (which can be signed and sent back to me)

The Link to the Survey Monkey –

Do Not reintroduce the Airbus H225s and AS332s and L2s airframes in commercial operations in the UKCS

Unite members have told us, their Health & Safety is paramount in the offshore sector. We are asking you to support our members and all offshore workers and their families and visibly support this campaign.

That worker will not accept a return ‘business as usual ` and will express a vote of no – confidence in the Airbus Superpuma 225s choppers.

More information on our website –

Facebook page

Twitter account





MSPs  who have signed the back home safe petition to date @ 20September 2017

Colin Beattie MSP (SNP)
Claire Haughey MSP (SNP)
Ross Greer MSP (Green)
Patrick Harvie MSP (Green)
Maree Todd MSP (SNP)

Richard Leonard MSP (Labour)
Neil Findlay MSP (Labour)
Lewis McDonald MSP (Labour)
Monica Lennon MSP (Labour)
Claire Baker MSP (Labour)
Colin Smyth MSP (Labour)
Claudia Beamish MSP (Labour)
Pauline McNeil MSP (Labour)
Anas Sarwar MSP (Labour)

MSP who support the motion
Lewis MacDonald (Labour)
Iain Gray (Labour)
Mark Griffin (Labour)
Tavish Scott (Lib Dem)
Colin Beattie (SNP)
Maree Todd( SNP)
Fulton MacGregor (SNP)
Elaine Smith (Labour)
Rhoda Grant (Labour)
Neil Findlay (Labour)
Graeme Dey (SNP)
Daniel Johnson (Labour)
Mairi Gougeon (SNP)


To sign our petition   

Thanks in advance

I look forward  to hearing from you soonest

Billy Donohoe
Union Organiser
Unite the Union
Scottish Region


Find your MSP  and write to them – or your MP



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