Unite: We welcome a debate in the Scottish Parliament around offshore helicopter safety




John Boland;  Unite the Union regional officer; Aberdeen

“We welcome a debate in the Scottish Parliament around helicopter safety in the transport of oil and gas workers in the North Sea, however, action is required to protect offshore workers.

Unite position is clear that the Super Puma helicopter should not be used to fly offshore workers to and from offshore installations in the UKCS.

The Super Puma’s record makes grim reading. It has been involved in accidents and incidents.

6 times in 8 years; 65 people have been rescued from the North Sea and

33 workers have lost their lives. All were involved in traveling to or from

installations in a Super Puma 225.

The decision to lift the ban has rightly angered the offshore workforce.

A survey by Airbus and a petition by Unite have identified thousands of workers declaring that they have no confidence in the safety of this helicopter and that they do not wish to fly in these helicopters again.

The Oil and Gas industry is vital to the local and national economy. The oil companies and contractors claim their most valuable asset is the workforce if that’s the case then follow the Statoil lead and commit to not using the Superpuma 225s to transport your employees to and from offshore installations. “

Unite`s question to the Oil companies is clear are you just paying lip service to workers safety and are you more concerned with your profit and shareholder value than offshore workers safety and wellbeing? If that is Not the case then follow  Statoil, and publicly commit, that you will Not use the SuperPuma 225s to transport offshore workers to and from offshore installations in the UKCS.

Shell and BP said they would not consider returning the aircraft to service until the root cause of the Norway crash is found

msp debate superpuma

More MSPs support the motion SSM-07724 to Scottish Parliament for the debate on Workforce concerns regarding helicopter safety in the North SeaOffshore motion

Get Protected! Get Active! Get Organised!

Unite is the largest trade union in for offshore workers in the North Sea UKCS

Have a voice, take action and make change happen. Join the union






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