Energy Voice – Poll results: Would you fly in a H225? – Keep the North Sea Puma Free

 Energy Voice – Poll results: Would you fly in a H225?

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Guillaume Faury, chief executive of Airbus Helicopters travels on the H225

More than 50% of Energy Voice readers do not want to fly in a controversial offshore helicopter, according to a poll.

The survey was launched last week and received more than 3,100 responses.

A total of 39% of the votes said they would fly in an Airbus H225 aircraft, with 52% saying they would not.

Around 2% of the voters said they would consider it but would want more information on safety upgrades while 7% voted that they were happy with the alternative or replacement airframes.

The helicopters were recently cleared to return to service, dependent on a safety case, after a lengthy grounding that followed a fatal crash off Norway.

The boss of manufacturer Airbus has been challenged to fly in the same conditions as the workforce in the most recent development to a long standing wrangle over the aircraft reintroduction. Read more here.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll.



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