#NorthSeaStrike Support & Solidarity




36643262_10216743250959811_3661948498787434496_nPlease see below messages of support for the Unite TOTAL members and to all union members who have taken or are in the process of organising Industrial Action/Strike Action in the North Sea to win for workers.

A big thanks to all trade unionists who  publicly showed support for all Union members in dispute  (not all are on this stream)


  • A message of support from John Gillespie, Chair of Unite Scotland.

‘Solidarity and support from all of the Unite Scottish Executive Committee’


  • Unite the Union Scotland Organisers, Officers and Staff send a message of solidarity and support and will assist all the brave and comradely actions that Unite members and sister offshore trade unions during any Industrial dispute, which Unite members have to take to win and protect existing terms and conditions.

You may not always win – however if you don’t fight you will never win any industrial struggle. collectivising your fellow work colleagues is the only way you can win.


  • Message from Denise Christie, FBU.

‘Solidarity from FBU Scotland. Keep strong and united. Firefighters are right with you’


  • Message from Jim McGinn
    Branch Secretary
    Unite Branch SC/157/NHS Ayrshire & Arran
    Vice-Chairperson – Unite Scotland Health Committee
    Scottish Executive Member

Dear comrades,

I am writing to you to provide you all with a message of solidarity from Unite members in NHS Ayrshire & Arran.

I am always dismayed when workers have to take the ultimate sanction of strike action for it means that employers have failed in their attempts to address the needs of workers. In this instance, it is even worse as this is clearly a health and safety issue with the employer changing a shift pattern with no cognisance of how their actions will adversely affect the health, safety and wellbeing and work/life balance of the workforce. Everyone at Branch SC/157/NHS Ayrshire and Arran wish you well in your struggle to take on an employer who appears to have little regard for you and we salute the brave stance which you are taking. If there is anything we can do to support you in any further way then please let me know.

In solidarity,

Jim McGinn


2,369 people reached

Rob Williams
  • Rob Williams Solidarity from the National Shop Stewards Network NSSN
Unite Offshore
  • Trevor Cox All the best from Unite Newcastle Construction Branch.
Dave Smith
  • Dave Smith Solidarity from Blacklist Support Group 
Ivan Crane
Tony Seaman
  • Tony Seaman All the best from Unite 404/18 Middlesbrough Construction Branch
John Winstanley
John Bowman
  • Good luck from the Lads on the Mariner A Platform stand tight stand together 
  • Wishing you guys all the best…You are already overworked..All the best…


  • Solidarity and support to the Total workers engaged in Industrial action in the #NorthSea from Unite 154/13 Tayside Contracts Branch


  • Unite  members in  Odfjell drilling workers stand in solidarity ✊️


  • Jimmy McGuinness and the Unite NHS Tayside branch                                                Arise ye workers from your slumber. The ultimate act in any industrial dispute is the withdrawal of our labour for a just cause. NEVER has it been so important to show solidarity in the face of evil.  a chant from the big meeting that is always front and centre……..”THE WORKERS UNITED,WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED”  


  • Solidarity from The Peoples Assembly Scotland to the Unite Scotland off-shore members currently on strike on the North Sea oil and gas platforms operated by Total E&P.


  • A message of solidarity from the Brent Bravo. With you all the way!


  • Message from Scottish Hazards.Solidarity to all Unite members working offshore and taking industrial action today, see our post on @ScottishHazards


  • Solidarity and support from GSK workers in Unite Montrose Branch SC/337


  • A message from Chris Elder and the Unite Dundee Taxi branch send support and solidarity to all  offshore Union members taking Strike Action


  • Message of support from Unite Branch 700/62 – West Dunbartonshire Council

‘Wish you all our support in your forced Action. Solidarity.

  • Unite COTA (Catering Offshore  Trading Association)  members on BP Clair Ridge sends a message of support to all the TOTAL workers on strike. Together we are stronger United we stand! Solidarity brothers and sisters                                             Unite Offshore COTA Branch, sends solidarity to members of Unite on strike on Total offshore oil and gas Platforms.RegardsBranch Secretary COTA
  • Unite Offshore branch SC/156 Bilfinger Salamis fully support and send messages of support and Solidarity to our fellow Unite members in taking Industrial action on TOTAL installations in the North Sea Solidarity to all Union members in the North Sea taking strike action – now and in the future.RegardsPhil Munro 
    Branch Secretary.



  • Blacklist Support Group sends a message of support to all the TOTAL workers on strike today. Together we are strong – solidarity
  •  Unite members working on the Mariner project have sent a message of solidarity and support to Unite members taking action on the TOTAL’s Alwyn, Elgin and Dunbar platform.’We send our support to fellow Unite members taking strike action today. AKER members on the Mariner have now voted for Industrial Action. Standing up to the cuts and proposed changes is the only way we can force through better conditions for everyone working offshore. We wish you every success in your dispute. Solidarity from the Mariner.’


  • Solidarity and support from County Durham Teaching Assistants Activists committee #ValueUs


  • The Scottish Trade Union Congress sends  to the @UniteScotlandmembers currently on their 1st 24h strike today on the  oil and gas platforms operated by Total E&P. We urge trade unionists in Scotland to send msgs of support to them using 


If you wish to pass on a message  of Support  & Solidarity to Offshore workers in dispute with their employer in the North Sea   please  contact  any of the following streams


Twitter: @UniteOffshore  –   @Unitescotland

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uniteoffshore2015/





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