Play casino roulette game and win big money!

Most people associate casinos with roulette, as they have seen it in various films, as well as in other programs on television. Online casino also offers its users online play casino roulette game, in various variations and for any gambler. Roulette is a gambling game in which luck plays a very important role, and it is very difficult to develop a strategy.

However, there are some secrets that only experienced gamblers know about, which can help improve their chances during the game and help the ball fall to the desired number. Therefore, it is very important to know the features of the roulette game before starting to throw the ball.

The best entertainment for gamblers

In a casino, it doesn’t matter, in an online or land-based casino, there are two games with the greatest dependence of the result on luck: slot machines and roulette. Therefore, most gamblers with experience believe that in order to achieve a real sense of excitement, you need to play these two varieties of gambling.

Roulette is the personification of the spirit of the casino, as it is one of the very first games that appeared in gambling establishments. France is considered the homeland of roulette – a trendsetter in the gambling world. It is not surprising that roulette is most popular in the USA in the French-speaking state of Louisiana. It is from here that roulette spread throughout North America.

Principles of playing online roulette

Although luck plays a major role in casino roulette game online play, there are a number of tactics that can help an experienced player win money. Such tactics have recently often appeared on the network, as experienced gamblers are in a hurry to share their successes with beginners, as well as with other players.

Having studied these strategies, you can reduce the probability of winning a casino by several percent, up to 10%. However, there is no absolutely effective roulette game strategy that would allow you to win in 100% of cases. For those who want to know how to play roulette casino game and win, there are the following most common strategies.

20 to 20

The essence of this strategy is to divide the game wheel of modern roulette into three numerical sectors at once:

  • The first sector is called the “same sector” and always contains 13 numbers.
  • The second sector is called the “left sector” and always contains 12 numbers.
  • The third sector is called the “right sector” and always contains 12 numbers.

For the successful application of this strategy, you must make all your bets on the same number sector in which the game ball is located during the penultimate and last game round.

24th Strategy

The basis of this strategy is a simple progression combined with the execution of double face value bets at certain game moments. The arrangement of game chips goes immediately to 4 bets:

  • 4
  • 8
  • 16
  • 32

Strategy in Biarits

The user of this system, before entering into the gameplay, conduct an analysis, or rather just observe the previous (relative to your entry into the game) 111 moves. This number of moves is the result of multiplying the total number of number cells on American roulette (37 cells) by 3 game series. After these 111 moves are completed, the player preaching the “Biarritz system” is invited to bet on the number that has occurred in the series under investigation (series of 111 moves) at least 3 times.

Types of roulette and the features of each of them

In addition to the free version of roulette casino game free play, there are several more roulette options, depending on the availability of netent additional fields on the circle.

So, the American version is distinguished by the presence of an additional field 00, which significantly worsens the chances of winning at roulette for a player. The European system and the French live roulette do not have such numbers, and therefore it is considered more advantageous.

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