Unite the Union is the union for Offshore workers in the North Sea. The falling price of oil has been used as an excuse by the oil companies to rip up hard won terms and conditions offshore. the price of oil  has  stabilised around  $30  a barrel, Unite has called for an urgent summit, with the aim of bringing together all interested parties, including industry, the Scottish and Westminster governments, as well as trade unions,to protect jobs and skills in the offshore sector  and call  for  an immediate end to the opportunistic campaign of job cuts and impositions to working conditions.

We’ll be demanding fiscal measures from both governments to address the crisis , a number of interventions can help ease the pain as the industry weathers the storm, including tax relief , any measures that are called for must be for the protection of the workforce and not to prop up oil companies’ profit margins

Oil companies have had tax breaks recently, but so far they have not passed on that relief to their workers, whose jobs are being slashed and whose terms and conditions are being destroyed. They’ve got be held accountable.

the WE DESERVE BETTER campaign is fighting to

  • protect jobs and skills offshore
  • protect terms and conditions of our members and the wider offshore workforce
  • ensure a safe working environment throughout the offshore industry
  • secure a viable and sustainable future for the industry in the North Sea

More information

– See more at: http://www.unitetheunion.org/how-we-help/listofregions/scotland/unite-offshore-campaign/#sthash.JzeaKYNY.dpuf



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